School Food

School Food (스쿨푸드)

A rainy afternoon, a rainy evening... the kind of day you just feel too lazy to cook, and don't want to go out in the rain just to eat something. What to do? Oh right, we live in Seoul! Food is just a phone call away!

It must be one of those delivery food days. We decided to eat some 떡볶이 (stir-fried, spicy rice cake dish) and 김밥 (kimbap), two of Korea's most beloved 분식 (snack foods). I have yet to meet a Korean person who doesn't like these foods. Is it because it reminds people of their playground days? This is what Koreans' childhood memories are made out of (hence the name, "School Food").

bag of delivered food

Today, we ordered 돈까스 치즈 떡볶기 (rice cake with pork cutlet & cheese) and combination rolls. Despite the rainy weather and that we ordered during prime dinner hours, the food arrived within 20 minutes.

ddeokbokki... tonkatsu is on the bottom of the bowl.

The ddeokbokki is supposedly sealed in an oxygen-filled container. They provided us with a small serrated plastic knife to cut the seal off. This dish has pork cutlet sitting on the bottom, then filled with ddeokbokki and topped with pizza cheese. I do not care for the texture of the rice cake here, but Aaron loves it saying that it kind of have the texture of a fruit jelly snack. Their ddeokbokki is little on a spicy side. The pork cutlet on the bottom soaked up a lot of sauce and was a little soggy to me. I think it would've been better if they packed the cutlet separately from ddeokbokki so we could just dip it on our own.

colorful mari

Our combination kimbap rolls came in three different kinds - spam, flying fish roe and squid roll with squid ink. They are very colorful and bite-sized. I could probably make these myself, but using so many different toppings would be time-consuming, so this makes a perfect delivery food. My favorite is the flying fish roe with sesame leaves, while Aaron's favorite is the squid roll. And who doesn't like spam?

  • Food: 3/5 - Simple snack food you can get... it's not amazing but for the convenience, I would continue order here.
  • Speed: 5/5 - Always fast! The food arrives with amazing speed, within 10-20 minutes (even when they estimate 40+). I'm always surprised when they knock on the door.
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