About Our Restaurant Reviews

Our reviews are meant to be informal, akin to a recommendation from a friend. (At least, if your friends like to take lots of pictures every time you go to eat, then immediately blog about it. Yeah, we're those friends. How embarrassing.) Please remember that we are not professional food critics.

We try to choose reasonably-priced, everyday (or at least, every month) restaurants with a wide appeal. We started out with the Gangnam/Nonhyeon/Sinsa/Apgujeong area, but we are slowly expanding to cover: Hongdae/Sinchon/Idae, Gwanghwamun/Samcheongdong/Insadong, Myeongdong/Namdaemun/Namsan, Itaewon/Yongsan/Haebangchon, Daehak-ro.

We cannot make any guarantees that your experience will mirror ours. While we generally base our reviews on multiple visits (to try more dishes and to get a better feel for how consistent the food and service are), we do sometimes write a review based on a single visit. We try to observe whether we have been recognized, or whether we receive better service than other customers for any reason, but we may not always succeed in this. (We do order in fluent Korean, and sometimes that does make a difference.)

We do not (as far as we are aware) review restaurants at the request of the owners. We absolutely do not accept free meals or any kind of compensation in return for a favorable review.

Simply put, our goal is to create and maintain a list of our favorite restaurants. If we happen to make some money or reap other benefits from this site, we will be thrilled, but this web site is not (and may never be) our primary source of income.