About Our Recipes

Our recipes are written for Seoul residents. That is, we take into account ingredient and equipment availability. If you are trying to recreate our recipes somewhere else, you may find some aspects of our recipes challenging. Just leave a note in the comments and we'll help out as much as we can!

We do our best to take into account the kitchen situation Seoul residents, and especially expats, are likely to have. For example, many small officetels and studios come equipped with just a single stove burner, no oven, and minimal counter and fridge space.

However, there are a few "musts." For one, we often give ingredient measures in grams, and occasionally, for small measures, in teaspoons. You will need a digital scale, which can be found on Gmarket, etc. for about 20000원. (Spoon sizes can be estimated if you don't have a measuring spoon set.)

For baked goods, obviously you are going to need an oven. Some toaster ovens can get the job done, but we use a Samsung Zipel microwave/convection oven, which can be found anywhere kitchen appliances are sold. If your oven differs you will need to take that into account (most notably, non-convection oven owners will need to increase the baking temperature slightly and extend the time by about 30%). Again, if you have any questions, just leave us a note in the comments and we will do our best to help!