If you are looking for sub sandwiches, there are many Quiznos locations all around Seoul. Somehow, though, it feels like a waste if I go out to eat and end up at a sandwich shop. But if I'm sitting at home and want delivery? Oh ho, now sandwiches are fair game!

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Lots of choices. Take that, McDelivery!

We normally ignore the fliers that appear on our door daily, but this one caught my eye. Quiznos, delivered? Sure, why not! We decided to give them a try at lunchtime the following day. The location near our house offers delivery for orders over 15000원.

Turkey Bacon Guacamole

My all-time favorite Quiznos sandwich: Turkey Bacon Guacamole

After studying their complete menu for a long time, Annie decided to get regular classic Italian (5300원) and I went for my usual favorite, regular turkey bacon guacamole (7500원), both on wheat bread (200원 extra for wheat bread with Regular size). Feeling a little curious, we also decided to get Boston clam chowder bread bowl (5900원) on the side. Annie also ordered kiwi juice, since 2500원 for fresh fruit juice seemed like a good deal (when ordered with a sandwich; 4000원 otherwise).

Clam Chowder Bread Bowl

Some followup and assembly required

Our order arrived in about 20 minutes. Excited, we opened up the neatly packaged box, but alas, our bread bowl arrived sans filling. Annie gave them a call and the missing soup showed up a few minutes later. The soup and bread bowl were excellent individually, and even better together.

Classic Italian

Annie's pick: Classic Italian

Happily, the sandwiches were as good as we remembered. I was surprised to find that the guacamole was of decent quality, and applied generously. Avocadoes are expensive here, aren't they?

Kiwi Juice

Fresh fruit juice! Choose from strawberry, tomato or kiwi.

Annie liked her kiwi juice as well, it was everything she expected of freshly made fruit juice.

  • Food: 4/5 - Tasty, toasty sandwiches, as you'd expect. Plus unexpected "Cafe Quiznos" offerings!
  • Service: 4/5 - There was a little hiccup, the delivery person forgot our soup, but we gave them a call and the missing soup arrived about 5 minutes later. No apology for their mistake though.
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